You have probably heard of discount and online brokerages — the mostly digital real estate operations that advertise lower commissions and listing fees. While these may seem convenient at first, there are many factors that could end up costing you more time and money down the road. We wanted to provide you with detailed information on discount and online brokerages for both sellers and buyers. If you are thinking of buying or selling and want to score the best deal with the best real estate team in the market, please give us a call today!

How They Work

Discount and online brokerages advertise lower listing fees and reduced commission rates for sellers. Listing agents are generally responsible for the bare minimum when it comes to advertising, negotiating and assisting you in the process.


Going Traditional, Better For Buyers Too!

If you are searching for your forever home, doing it all digitally can severely limit your options. Still explore listings online, but get a trusted agent in your court to help secure that dream home at the best possible price.

Get the Service You Deserve!

You get what you pay for, especially in real estate. Here are some benefits of going with a traditional brokerage like us here at The Mike Seder Group instead of ones that are discounted or online.

More Money in Your Pocket. An agent you already have a relationship with goes to battle to get you the perfect contract and the most competitive price for your home; saving you money in the end.

Increased Client Care and Attention. People who aren’t personally connected to you are less likely to go above and beyond to provide the quality service you deserve. Working with your trusted agent guarantees an exceptional experience.

Clear Communication. Regular check-in calls or face-to-face visits are norms in my real estate business. With an online or discount brokerage, the communication isn’t guaranteed, which may leave in the dark many parts of this major process.

Relationship Continues After the Sale. We are here to serve you before, during, and after the sales process in any way we can. Online or discount brokerage relationships are typically transactional, leaving you on your own after-sale incomplete.

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